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Bin Activators & Cone Valve Dischargers

Bin Activators and Cone Valve Dischargers

A standard Bin Activator is hung from a matching flange on the silo. An internal baffle or cone is fixed inside the bin activator and the unit is connected with a high performance rubber sleeve. This allows the bin activator to move freely in an elliptical action.  Through the bin activator’s stationary cone, vibration is imparted vertically, into the material in the silo, thereby consistently promoting material flow.

Some of the most common discharge problems in dry material storage are rat-holing, bridging, degradation, and segregation. A bin activator solves this by transmitting vibration to the material and allowing mass flow.


The Soliflo bin discharger with lifting cone valve technology is the most proven bin activator technology in the market, offering several improvements over its competitors. The cone valve lifts up from a seated position to allow product flow. In the closed position, the cone valve provides positive shutoff. There are two ways that material flow can be controlled: 1) adjusting how high the cone lifts and 2) pulsing the cone up and down. Standard sizes are available in 2-8 ft. Round or square flanges are available. Various valves are available for the outlet to transport or accurately control the feed rate or batch, such as rotary valves, screw feeders, screw conveyors, flexible screws, and more. Units are also available with load cells and batch or continuous loss-in-weight controls.


The Soliflo Bin Activator has many advantages over its competitors:
  • The bin activator Resolves Discharge Problems - Material discharges in a first in/first out basis. The Bin Activator eliminates degradation, segregation,  flushing, and bridging, and insures complete discharge.
  • The bin activator Produces Even Bulk Density - The vibration of the bin activator de-aerates the product and creates an even bulk density.
  • The bin activator Controlled Product Flow Rate - The product flow rate is controlled controlling the internal annular gap by increasing or decreasing  the diameter of the internal cone.
  • Quality, Experience, and Cost -CMT offers consulting for our low-cost quality  bin activators, and we will make sure the bin activators are properly installed.

Superior Design:
  • Bin activator has No Moving Parts
  • Bin activator promotes Mass Flow

Cone Valve Dischargers

The Soliflo™ Cone Valve Bin Discharger is bolted directly to the silo, thereby eliminating any potential leak points. The unit works as a bin activator and valve as it completely stops material flow when lowered, providing two functions in one simplistic design:  Bin Activator and Shut-Off Valve.
Cone Valve Bin Discharger in Closed Position
Cone Valve Bin Discharger in Open Position
Cone Valve Discharger - Exterior

An internal pneumatic probe is fitted within the structure of the Cone Valve Discharger.  The Cone Volve Discharger has no moving parts. An air actuated Firestone bellow is filled to raise and lower the internal cone, thereby overcoming bridging and consistently promoting material flow.

Superior Design

  • The Cone Valve Discharger promotes Mass Flow
  • No Moving Parts in our Cone Valve Discharger
  • Bin Activator & Outlet Gate Valve in one
  • The Cone Valve Discharger has No Rubber Sleeve, bolts directly to silo
  • Maintained from bottom with silo full
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