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Super Sack Unloader - Titanium Dioxide


Unloading Titanium Dioxide from a Bulk Bag using a 3Sigma Bulk Bag Unloader.

3Sigma Bulk Bag Unloader Features


Super Sack Discharging made easy with 3Sigma's Massage-It™, Clamp-It™, Close-It™ Features.

Bulk Bag Unloader / Batching System


 3Sigma’s Bulk bag Unloader / Batching Feeder System. Target batch rate is set at 10.7 lbs.

Bulk Bag Close-It™ Demonstration



Watch a demonstration of 3Sigma’s Close-It™ Feature.

Bulk Bag Clamp-It™ Demonstration



Watch a demonstration of 3Sigma’s Clamp-It™ Feature.

Bulk Bag Shape-It™ Demonstration



Watch a demonstration of 3Sigma’s Shape-It™ Feature.

BBU/Feeder to Bag Dump Station to AMC



A Bulk Bag Unloader discharging into a Vibratory Feeder, feeding into a Bag Dump Station, then the material is conveyed using an Aeromechanical Conveyor.

BBU  with Dust Tight Technology



Bulk Bag Discharger with Dust Tight Technology

Ensure Containment with Clamp-It™



3Sigma's Bulk Bag Unloader provides a Clamp-It™ feature that is a pneumatically operated clamp that ensures total containment by sealing the bag spout to the Tube-It™ discharge tube.

BBU to Venturi Eductor



Fox Venturi Eductors are installed below bulk bag unloaders, transporting powders, pellets, and bulk solids with no moving parts

BBU with Dust Collection System



Recent 3Sigma Bulk Bag System Installation. Includes dust collection system, as shown by the bulk bag collapse.

BBU with Automated Dust Valve



3Sigma’s Bulk Bag Unloader Close-It™ and Automated Dust Valve Features

BBU to Feeder with AMC Conveyor


A Shape-It™ Bulk Bag Unloader was provided to properly discharge PVA powder. Material is unloaded into a GeoMate™ Vibratory Feeder, then discharges into a bag dump hopper, which feeds directly into an Aeromechanical Conveyor

BBU  Massage-It Model Promo


3Sigma's Bulk Bag Unloading System with the Massage-It™ Agitation Paddles ensures that material flows out of the bag with ea s

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