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NERAK Bucket Conveyors

NERAK Bucket Conveyors

Continuous and pendulum bucket conveyors are the most durable and high-end bulk solids handling conveyors on the market. These bucket conveyors are optimal for vertically and horizontally transporting  bulk materials.


NERAK’s material handling conveyors have numerous advantages over their competition, including their patented NERAK rubber block chain.


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Nerak Systems
Continuous Bucket Conveyors
Pendulum Bucket Conveyors
Continuous Bucket Conveyors
Pendulum Bucket Conveyors
Nerak Continuous Bucket Elevator
  • Capacities up to 105 ft3/min (180 m3/h)
  • Without the need for intermediate transfers, they offer smooth and continuous travel from the feed to the point of discharge.

NERAK's continuous bucket conveyors transport powder and bulk material from one or multiple feed point(s) to one discharge point with high capacity on small footprint.

NERAK's pendulum bucket conveyors are perfect for applications requiring multiple discharge points. Convey materials vertically or horizontally to one or multiple discharge points without the need for intermediate transfers, delivering smooth and continuous travel throughout the system..

  • Capacity up to 45 ft3/min (80 m3/h).
  • NERAK pendulum bucket conveyors are available in the typical 'Z' and 'C' and other configurations, designed for your project requirements
Nerak Pendulum Bucket Elevator
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