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Bulk Material Handling Equipment and Process Engineering

Carolina Material Technologies is a bulk material handling company based in Charlotte, NC that offers bulk material handling equipment & systems and industrial automation.  We have been serving  North America and other countries, based on location and project, continuously since 1994. Our bulk material handling experience includes consulting, equipment & system design, product testing, equipment manufacturing, commissioning and field service.

We invite you to “Be Proud of your next Installation”.  As T. Gillispie remarked on receiving his equipment recently, “It is beautiful!”.   We take a lot of pride in providing exceptional equipment and solutions.    Carolina Material Technologies provides free plant visits, so please contact us for a free  consultation and proposal for your next project.


Experience the CMT Difference

Carolina Material Handling Equipment and Engineering
  • Aeromechanical Conveyors
  • Agitated Media Mill
  • Airslides
  • Automated Ingredient Systems
  • Bag Compactors
  • Bag Dump Stations
  • Bag houses
  • Bin activators
  • Bin Vents
  • Bulk bag dischargers
  • Bulk bag fillers
  • Cone valve dischargers
  • Dense Phase Conveying
  • Dilute Phase Systems
  • Drag Conveyors
  • Dryers, Vacuum Dryers
  • Dust collector eductors
  • Dust detector
  • Elevating Belt Conveyors
  • Elevating Screw Conveyors
  • Elevation Stations
  • Field welded tanks
  • Filter receiver
  • Fine Grinding technology
  • Flat Panel Tanks
  • Fluidized Zone Mixers
  • Fluidizing Paddle Blenders
  • IBC Systems
  • Paddle Blenders
  • Paddle Ribbon Blenders
  • Pendular Mill
  • Plow Blenders
  • Pneumatic ConveyingEductors
  • Ribbon Blenders
  • Screw Conveyors
  • Shop Welded Silos
  • Smooth Walled Bolted
  • Tanks
  • Vacuum Mixers

WHAT IS Bulk Material Handling?

Put simply, bulk material handling is an engineering field that focuses on the design of equipment used to handle dry materials. The term “Bulk Materials” usually refers to dry materials which are powdery, granular or lumpy in nature, and are stored in large containers or bags. Bulk material handling is an important process for industries that process bulk materials, including: the food industry, the beverage industry, the pet food industry, animal feed industry, tobacco industry, chemical industry, plastics industry, rubber industry, ceramics industry, paint industry, paper and textiles industry, and more.

When it comes to the handling of bulk materials, there are certain important characteristics that one must consider: particle size, bulk density, moisture content, flowability, angle of repose, abrasiveness and corrosiveness.

Bulk material handling systems usually comprise of Bag Emptying Systems (25kg Bags), Bin Activators, Blenders and Mixers, Bulk Bag Unloaders, Bulk Bag Fillers, Dust Collection Systems, Vibratory Feeders, Screw Feeders, Screw Conveyors, Belt Conveyors, Bucket Elevators, Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveyors, Dilute Phase Pneumatic Conveyors, Silos and tanks, material crushers, and tote IBC Systems.
The purpose of bulk material handling may be to convey materials from one of several locations (silos, hoppers, IBCs, Bulk Bags, etc) to an ultimate destination in the process. Storage, inventory control, and possibly material blending are also often important aspects of bulk material handling systems.

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