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HammerTek’s Smart Elbow® by CMT


HammerTek Deflection Elbows for Pneumatic Conveying Systems Prevent Material from Impacting the Elbow Wall. This Results in Significantly Reduced Abrasive Elbow Wear and Material Breakage, Fines, Melting, Plugging and Build-Up.

HammerTek’s Elbow® - Laminar Flow


Wear and tear can becoming a problem with pneumatic conveying systems and other industrial elbows. The Hammertek Smart Elbow is the solution to your wear and tear problems. Watch this Laminar Flow Conveying Elbow.

HammerTek’s Elbow®

How the Vortices Elbow Works


HammerTek® SMART ELBOW® Deflection Elbow How the Vortices Elbow Works. Deflection prevents abrasives from impacting and wearing the elbow wall.

HammerTek Smart Elbow Conveys Lime


Hammertek Elbow helping to pneumatically convey lime.

Hammertek Elbow - Magnesium Oxide


Hammertek Elbow helping to pneumatically convey Magnesium Oxide.

Hammertek Elbow - PVC Compound


Hammertek Elbow helping to pneumatically convey PVC Compound

Hammertek Elbow - Smoke Demonstration


Hammertek Elbow - Smoke Demonstration.  HammerTek’s Smart Elbow® deflection elbow virtually eliminates costly elbow wear, material degradation, melting and plugging.

Hammertek Elbow - Granite Dust


Hammertek Elbow helping to pneumatically convey Granite Dust.

Hammertek Elbow - Conveying Grain


Hammertek Elbow Conveying Grain

Hammertek - Glass Filled Plastic Pellets


Hammertek Elbow helping convey Glass Filled Plastic Pellets

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