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LaborSave Bag Emptying (25kg) Media



LaborSave™ System Introduction



LaborSave™  is the first, and most efficient, fully automated sack emptying system in the world. This debagger displays an amazing 99.99% emptying of raw materials from bags, thereby immediate reducing labor costs and contamination risks.

LaborSave™ By CMT


CMT is the Official USA / North American Provider for LaborSave™.  This bag slitting machine has the option of a Full Pallet Feeding Conveyor, Empty Pallet Remover and  Stacker, and Sack Compactor that enables you to easily discard the empty bags.

LaborSave™ 99.99% Emptying



Laborsave™ is a Fully automatic, highly effective sack emptying system that results in significant savings from increased efficiency, less waste of raw material and less labor.

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