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Contain-It Access Chamber Bulk Bag Unloader

Bulk Bag Unloader Case History 3S-1213


A customer with an existing bulk bag unloader was looking for a way to automatically batch product that would ensure the safety of his operators. Safety and batch accuracy is paramount.  3Sigma provided a solution that met both criteria with our standard offering.

Customer Needs

  • Automatically batch from a bulk bag to the process
  • Ensure the safety of the operator
  • Eliminate contamination


  • The bulk bag discharge spout is placed within the Tube-It™, within the chamber, which then delivers the product, in a sealed system, to the process below.
  • The Tube-It™ was designed to provide a tight seal between it and the bulk bag spout and is then tapered to match the client’s 4” piping. 
  • A Contain-It™ chamber with our Close-It™ valve system was provided, 304 SS construction. 
  • The Close-It™ valve operates in a fast/dribble mode of operation.  The system opens completely and when the dribble amount is reached, the valve closes 70% until the final batch set point is reached, then closing fully.
  • The Close-It™ can actuate only when the door is closed, thereby protecting operators.
Bulk Bag Unloader Access Chamber

Close-It™ Valve Fully Open

Bulk Bag Unloader Close-It Valve Fully Open

Close-It™ Valve Partially Closed

Bulk Bag Unloader Close-It Valve Partially Open
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