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Bulk Bag Unloader Case History 3S-1200

Client contacted 3Sigma needing to reliably discharge various grades of Titanium Dioxide, including grades from China.  3Sigma was contracted based upon successful unloading of their most difficult grade of Ti02.  Competition included Hapman and Flexicon.

Customer Needs:

  • Reliable unloading of all grades of Ti02.
  • Dust containment – minimal spillage.
  • Seamless connection to mixer below.


  • 3Sigma provided its Shape-It™ bulk bag unloader that utilizes vertical vibration to shape the bag to ensure proper discharging
  • The bag is set on the platform and then shaped PRIOR to opening the bag.   This ‘sets’ the bag for proper connection of the discharge tube.
  • The unit is fitted with the Clamp-It™ positive seal and our Close-It™ Valve bag closure system.  Both are air operated.
Bulk Bag Unloader Access Chamber
Bulk Bag Unloader Shape It
  • The extra-large Contain-It™ chamber is used to access and untie the bulk bag.  Due to its size it easily contains all spills, when they occur.
  • Inside the chamber, the Clamp-It™ system clamps the bulk bag to the Tube-It™ discharge tube, creating a positive seal between the bag and the downstream equipment
When loaded into the frame the bulk bag was completely flat.
Bulk Bag Shaped by the vertical vibration,  Ready to Discharge

When loaded into the frame the bag was completely flat.

Bulk Bag Shaped by the vertical vibration,  Ready to Discharge

The operator uses the Close-It™ bag spout valve system to accurately fill drums.  In this instance the operator manually operates the valve, partially closing and then completely closing the Close-It™ valve, thereby stopping the flow of product and accurately filling the drums.

Close-It Valve System

Close-It™ Valve System

Watch the System in Action


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