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Storage Silos and Tanks


CMT offers Flanged Panel and Flat Panel Storage Silos and Tanks, Smooth Walled Bolted Silos, Shop Welded Storage Tanks, and field welded Storage Silos and Tanks for both Dry Bulk Solids and Liquid Storage. Whether you have a project that requires one storage silo, or an integrated storage system, Carolina Material Technologies will offer top of the line Storage Silos, Storage Tanks, and consulting.

Experience you can Count On”

CMT is an integrator providing Consultation, Design and Management services for storage tanks and storage silos of both small and large projects. Numerous successful installations of storage silo and storage tank systems are worth more that  $1M per project. Whether a single stand alone storage silo or an Integrated Storage Tank System, CMT has the experience to provide the solution required.

Bolted Silos
Welded Silos
Bin Activators
Bolted Silos
Welded Silos
Bin Activators
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