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Weigh Belt Feeders

Weigh Belt Feeders

CMT offers several types of Weigh Belt Feeders using NTEP approved load cells. These Weight Belt Feeders are available in capacities ranging from 100 pounds per hour to 1000 tons per hour with custom designed feeders for even larger capacities. Calibrating the Weigh Belt Feeder is safe, fast, and easy, using self-storing calibration weights that eliminates the use of bulky chains or difficult hang-on weights. The weights are specially made for the required application, resulting in the most accurate calibration possible.

Techweigh Screw Feeders

WF-10 Weigh Belt Feeder

Wf-18 Weigh Belt Feeder

WF Series

Weigh Belt Feeder

WF18 Series

Weigh Belt Feeder

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Title - WF-Series Weigh Belt Feeder

Techweigh Weigh Belt Feeders

Weigh Belt Feeder - WF-10

If your application demands reliable in-motion weighing, we have the perfect solution through Tecweigh’s WF-Series Weigh Belt Feeders. If your product can be conveyed, whether it is chemicals, crushed stones, sand, minerals, reclaim materials, or coal, theses Weigh Belt Feeders can weigh it.

CMT offers the standard duty WF-10 Weigh Belt Feeder that fits most applications ranging from 2000 pounds per hour to 200 tons per hour.  CMT also offers a mid-size WF-14 accommodating up to 500 tons per hour, while the heavy duty WF-16 handles up to 1,000 tons per hour. These single idler weigh belt feeders are designed for accuracy of ± 1/2%. If your application requires greater accuracy, the feeders are available in a dual idler version (WF-11, WF-15 and WF-17) with accuracy of ± 1/4%. For even greater capacities, we will custom design the feeder in order to meet your application’s needs.

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Techweigh Weigh Belt Feeders

Weigh Belt Feeder - WF-18

CMT offers the WF-18 Sanitary Weigh Belt Feeder, which is a stainless steel, wash down weigh belt feeder that has served many different industries including food, pharmaceutical and chemical. This weigh belt feeder meets FDA and USDA construction standards, and features welded 303/304 stainless steel construction. The WF-18 produces product flow rates ranging from 100 lbs./hr. to 250,000 lbs./hr.

The WF-18 Sanitary Weigh Belt Feeder features:
• Rugged construction
• 303/304 stainless steel construction
• Shaft mounted worm gear reducer
• Lengths from 4’ to 30’
• Food-grade belts from 9” to 48”
• Corrugated urethane side wall belt
• Glass bead blasted finish
• Adjustable tube-in-tube take-ups
• Easily replaceable UHMW slider strips
• 230/460 volt, 3 Ph, 60 hz TENV motor
• WP20 weight processor

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