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Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC)

Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC)

An intermediate bulk container is a large vessel that is used to store fluid and bulk materials or transport them. IBC’s can be manufactured from many different materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel, and exotic alloys.

 A cone valve Intermediate Bulk Container system consists of two basic components:

  • Discharge Station
  • A portable Intermediate Bulk Container

The discharge station is generally stationary, installed at one location to discharge product on demand.  The station consists of a probe and pneumatically actuated Firestone bellow.  There are no moving parts.

IBC System with LIW Feeders

Most Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) experience material flow problems the same way any other storage vessel experiences problems. The Intermediate Bulk Container can experience problems with material such as bridging, rat holes, segregation and degredation. Ideal flow from a container is mass flow. Through mass flow, the product flow works on a first-in / first-out basis with minimal movement between particles. A majority of Intermediate Bulk Container Systems in the market have a square hopper with a 45 degree cone and small outlet with a manual gate valve. Very few materials (extremely free flowing material) will flow out of the mentioned containers without some level of difficulty. Carolina Conveying’s Solibin IBC System eliminates these flow problems.

Stainless Steel IBC System & Discharge Station

Stainless Steel IBC System & Discharge Station

IBC Totes to LIW Feeders

IBC Totes to LIW Feeders

In operation, the Intermediate Bulk Container System is set atop the discharge station.  To discharge material the probe lifts and vibrates (optionally), creating an annular gap between it and the discharge cone, hence providing a path for material flow.  This Intermediate Bulk Container System shears the entire cross section of material directly, which promotes mass flow while minimizing segregation, preventing bridging and ratholing. This is all accomplished in a dust tight fashion.


Advantages of Carolina Conveying’s Solibin IBC System:

* The Solibin IBC is square, and features a 60 degree cone instead of a 45 degree cone.

* A large 25 outlet at the bottom replaces the typical 8 or 10 outlet on standard Intermediate Bulk Container systems.

* Instead of a manual gate valve, the Solibin IBC has a cone valve.

*The cone valve is an inverted cone with lipseal that is inside of the IBC and sits in the outlet cone. When material discharge is required, the cone lifts up into the material creating an annulus for material to flow.

* Vibration may be added to further induce product flow.

* For more difficult materials, the cone can be pulsed up and down to keep the material agitated and flowing.

IBC System with Integrated Crusher

IBC System with Integrated Crusher

IBC System with Integrated Batching Feeder

IBC System with Integrated Batching Feeders

In an Intermediate Bulk Container System, Positive shutoff is achieved by simply lowering the probe.   When inoperative the cone sets on a seal located in the discharge chute preventing flow.  The empty or partially empty Intermediate Bulk Container System can be removed at any time without risk of leakage.

Carbon Impregnated IBCS
Sequence of Operations

An Intermediate Bulk Container is delivered to the Discharge Station and set atop the cone valve.  The discharge station probe fits seamlessly into the inverted cone within the IBC.

To discharge material the probe lifts and vibrates (optionally), thereby overcoming compaction, bridging and ratholing.  Reliable flow with zero operator interface.

  • Mass Flow
  • Minimizes Segregation
  • No Moving Parts
  • Total Containment, No Dusting
  • No operator intervention to connect or discharge product
  • Works as a Discharger and a Valve
IBC Tote Sequence of Operations
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