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Pulse-Jet Baghouse Dust Collectors

Pulse-Jet Dust Collectors

CMT provides NFM (National Filter Media) Pulse-Jet Baghouse Dust Collectors for Industrial Applications. The pulse-jet style of dust collectors offer excellent filtration efficiency (99.999%), ease of installation and lower operation costs. In most instances, NFM units are planned and assembled (less bags and cages) for efficient shipment and lifting requirements. Minimal maintenance and generally reduced energy costs are synonymous with our equipment. Lower cost of ownership is our goal. NFM’s top entry units can be supplied with a walk-in clean air plenum design providing protection during inclement weather or lift-off roof doors when "confined space" is a concern due to the product/dust being handled. In either design, NFM offers our heavy-duty snap band style filter bags which requires no tools for change-out and provides a dust tight seal at the tube sheet junction.

Filter dust laden air from industrial processes. Protect the environment of your workers and neighbors with an NFM custom designed and fabricated Pulse-Jet Dust
Collector. Our standard square and rectangular Dust Collectors are rated for ± 20” W.G., and are available in side and top removal designs. Top removal designs allow access from the clean air side of the unit and are available with a walk-in clean air plenum or lift-off hatch. The collectors are equipped with pleated filters or conventional filter bags/cages.

NFM Dust Collector PDF
  • Durable and Dependable
  • Custom-Engineered
  • Discharge Clean Air Into the Environment
  • Standard Square and Rectangular Dust Collector Designs
  • Rated for ± 20” W.G.
  • Available in Side Removal Design
  • Available in Top Removal Design
  • Top removal designs allow access from the clean air side of the unit
  • Available with a Walk-In Clean Air Plenum or Lift-Off Hatch.
  • Equipped with Pleated Filters or Conventional Filter Bags/Cages.
Pulse-Jet Baghouse Dust Collector
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Pulse-Jet Baghouse Dust Collector


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