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Dust Collection Filter Receivers

Dust Collection Filter Receivers

Filter Receivers are available to receive, store and discharge product to the process below.  Pulse Jet technology is used to clean the filters on either a timer or pressure setting. Filter receivers are provided for either vacuum conveying systems or for pressure conveying systems.  The receivers are manufactured for up to 29” Hg vacuum and 100 psig pressure.

Our Pulse-Jet Filter Receivers are ideal for high-pressure applications where there is high pressure pneumatic conveying or a high-vacuum dust collection need. They are also used in complying with 3A sanitary standards or company-specific sanitary design standards, where corners may not be permissible due to cleanout requirements. These units are cylindrical or a circular-bodied construction and rated for 17” Hg. Our pulse-jet filter receivers are equipped either with pleated filters or conventional filter bags and cages. Contact us to learn more.

  • Ideal for Higher-Pressure Applications
  • Suited for Applications that Need to Comply with 3A Sanitary Standards or Company-Specific Sanitary Design Standards
  • Cylindrical or Circular-Bodied Construction
  • Equipped with Pleated Filters or With Conventional Filter Bags and Cages
  • Rated for 17” Hg
Pulse Jet Filter Receivers
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