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HC Model Laborsave Sack Emptying Systems

Laborsave - Automatically Unload 600 Sacks Per Hour With the HC Model

CMT offers the most effective automatic sack emptying system in the industry. The HC model has a maximum throughput of 600 sacks per hour. The more compact HC is ideal for small factories with a smaller budget.  The HC is the original model created by Laborsave, who was the first to introduce a truly automatic  sack emptying solution, and continues to lead the industry in product advancements.

HC Model Specs Border3
HC Model Laborsave
HC Drawing Icon
HC Model Unit with Conveyors1
HC Model Unit with Conveyors and Stacker Icon2

HC Model Stand Alone Unit Drawing

HC Unit with Conveyors Drawing

HC Unit with Conveyors, Stackers Drawing


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