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Material Level Controls and Sensors

Material Level Controls and Sensors

Carolina Material Technologies offers a wide range of user-friendly material level sensors and controls.  We offer Monitor Tech’s innovative Point Level Sensors, Continuous Level Sensors, Flow Monitors, and Broken Bag Detectors. Monitor has designed their level sensor units to be low maintenance, accurate and reliable beyond the competition.  Many level sensors are offered on a free-trial basis, so you can see it work in your exact application, at no risk.

Broken Bag Detectors
Continuous Level Sensors
Flow Sensors
Point Level Sensors
Broken Bag Detectors
Continuous Level Sensors
Flow Sensors
Point Level Sensors
Product Details

Broken Bag Detector

The Dust Alarm® ES dust monitor provides reliable and economical detection of leaks and filter failures in many powder and bulk solids industries. The The Dust Alarm® ES detector is designed for broken bag dust monitoring / filter leak detection in the exhaust ducts of baghouses, cartridge collectors, cyclones, and any other dust collector systems containing filters which may break or wear out. The sensor uses proven AC Triboelectric technology with advanced algorithms to filter out noise and provide the most accurate dust measurement. The "ES" stands for Easy Set-up since you simply press a button to enable the automatic calibration

Broken Bag Detectors
Dust Alarm ES

Features and Advantages:

Easy Set-up and Calibration...Set it and forget it!

  • The easy auto set-up function is activated by pressing a button to automatically establish a “clean air baseline”, scale the operating range and set the alarms.
  • Quick-connect mounting provides for ease of installation or maintenance.

Safety and Cost-Savings Benefits

  • Monitor the efficiency of dust collection systems and know the optimal time to replace filters.
  • Monitor for unexpected events that can cost time, money, material loss, equipment damage and other problems.
  • Economical dust monitoring that provides an alternative to opacity detection.

Digital Communications and Software Capabilities

  • Digital RS-485(Modbus) connection as an alternative to relay output and/or for connecting multiple sensors to one control system.
  • Connect with the free DustConfigTM software to set custom alarm points, view live activity within the duct, or review data history for up to a 24-hour period.

Exceptional and Reliable Sensitivity

  • Uses proven AC Triboelectric technology with advanced algorithms to filter out noise and provide the most accurate dust measurement.
  • Capable of detecting minute amounts of particles passing the probe.
  • Excellent repeatability not affected by variations in relative humidity, process temperature or pressure.
  • Unique probe design with extended Ryton® insulator helps protect the unit from false signaling due to product build up.
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Continuous Level Sensors and Indicators

FLEXAR Guided Wave Radar Continuous Level Sensor

SiloPatrol Continuous Level Sensor

Guided Wave Radar Continuous Level Sensor

Silo Monitoring Unit Continuous Level Sensor

Where ultra-sonics and other technologies have failed, the Flexar™ Guided Wave Radar Sensor has succeeded.  In the most dusty and difficult environments, the Flexar™ unit has proven itself as a durable and reliable continuous level measurement technology.  For materials with a dielectric constant of 1.4-2.1 the second measurement mode is used – Tank Bottom Following (TBF).TBF mode the micro-pulses are sent to the bottom of the cable, where the probe is located.  The probe has a “short-circuit” that reflects the pulses back up to the sensor. 

CMT offers the SiloPatrol® Inventory Management System, a continuous level sensor that is a cable-based silo monitoring unit (SMU) used in some of the harshest and most difficult applications.  This continuous level sensor has a robust design and mechanically advanced design that makes it a very low-maintenance and highly durable unit.  An integral lock-out system prevents this continuous level sensor from taking any measurements during a filling cycle, protecting the cable and bob from the material being loaded.

• No Moving Parts
• Ignores Dust and Airborne Interference
• Works in the Toughest Applications

• Spooling Arm Eliminates Cable Nesting
• System Lock Out Prevents   Level Reading while Loading
• Braking System Eliminates “Burying the Bob”

Pancake Level Cell Continuous Level Sensor

Thermo C-Level Continuous Level Sensor

Level Cell Continuous Level Sensor

C-Level Continuous Level Sensor

The Pancake Level Cell Continuous Level Sensor by Sartorius is the perfect solution to all your level control requirements.  New level-by-weight technology gives extremely accurate readings better than 1% in “real-life” applications over a complete range of capacities up to 50t net content.  In addition to incredible accuracy, the PanCake continuous level sensor system offers exceptional value for the money, with possible savings up to 50% compared to ultrasonic or radar continuous level sensor systems.

CMT offers the Ramsey C-Level Continuous Level Sensor, a Continuous Bin Level Indication System ideally suited for bulk solids or liquids. It includes 4 GZ-1 sensors with “J” boxes, field mount electronics, and Installation Kit. The C-Level continuous level sensor is a totally non-intrusive level indication system ,unaffected by dust, corrosive or abrasive materials. The unique GZ-1 sensor allows for determination of strain in two directions, thus eliminating the necessity of multiple sensors per leg. 

• For level control of liquids and bulk solids

• 1% Accuracy for most applications

• Mounted Outside of Product Zone

• 1” - 1.5” Tall

• Capacities from 500 kg to 16 tons

• Easy Installation

• 24 volts in, 4-20 mA Signal Out

• Only 1 unit required for 3 legged tank, and 2 for 4 legs

•Accuracy to within ±2%
•Resistance to corrosive or abrasive materials, uneven material discharge, build-up on sidewalls, bridging, rat-holing or dusting
•Precision electronic strain sensing with hermetically-sealed stainless steel strain sensor
•External sensor mounted to the bin to eliminate contamination or corrosion
•Incorporated sensor to eliminate temperature effects common to “bolt-on” sensors

Silo Level Continuous Level Sensor
Silo Radar Level 200
Silo Radar Level 400
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Flow / No-Flow Monitors

SFI and SFD-2 Flow Monitors

The SFI and SFD-2 flow monitors are used to detect flow/no-flow conditions and to get a rough idea of flow-rates in pipes and chutes.  By sending a microwave signal into the material path and measuring the Doppler Effect as the waves bounce back to the unit, the condition of the line can be detected.  The SFI (Solids Flow Indicator) gives a general idea of the flow rate in a line or chute, and sends an analog output signal to give a reading.  This is a relative measurement, and should not be used where specific data is required.  The SFD-2 (Solids Flow Detector) is a non-intrusive, flush-mounted unit, purely designed as a flow/no-flow detector.  This can be used to detect a plugged chute, and be a failsafe point for upstream and downstream equipment.

Flow Monitors

Monitor's Solids Flow Detector and Indicator can be used in a variety of applications to detect flow/no-flow conditions of powders and solid materials. The selection of either SFD-2 Solids Flow Detector or the SFI Solids Flow Indicator is based upon the type of output required (relay or analog).

  • Detection of a partial or full plug in a conveying line
  • Detecting the bridging of material in a storage vessel upstream
  • Sensing inadequate or a lack of flow due to upstream equipment failure (conveyor, blower, diverter valve, feeder)
    Verifying flow conditions
  • Turning on/off equipment or processes downstream
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Point Level Sensors

SafePoint Rotary Paddle Point Level Sensors

VibraRod Point Level Sensors

Tilt Switch Point Level Sensors

MK2 Capacitance Probe Point Level Sensors

Diaphragm Switch Point Level Sensors

Rotary Paddle Sensor

VibraRod Level Indicator

Tilt Switch Level Sensor

Capacitance Probe Sensor

Diaphragm Level Switch

•Industry-First Magnetic Sensing Technology
•No more motor burn-out
•Fail Safe Design
•External Indicator Light
•Twist On/Off Cover - No More Bolts!
•Detection of Dry Bulk Materials

•Micro-Processor Based
•Easey Setup No Calibration
•External Indicator Light
•No Clogging/Bridging
•Unaffected by Environmental & Material Changes
•Detection of Dry Bulk Materials


•Low Cost, High Level Detection
•No Calibration
•Minimal Maintenance
•Passive switch for activating loads up to 250 VAC
•Detection of Dry Bulk Materials

•Micro-Processor Based
•Push-Button Calibration
•Ignores Product Build-Up on Probe - No False Signals
•External Indicator Light
•Detection of Dry Bulk Materials


•Economical Point Level Detection in Bins and Hoppers
•Ultra-Sensitive Switch for Lightweight Materials
•Unique External Installation and Maintenance
•Detection of Dry Bulk Materials

Silo Point Level Sensor Diagram
Silo Point Level Sensor Chart
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