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Pneumatic Conveying Magnets


Multiple tube design for intimate contact with your product.  Intimate contact with the material = better separation.  All material will cascade over the magnetic tubes thereby providing the best separation possible.   This offers the best protection available in a  pneumatic conveying magnet.  This is considered a Level 1 design.

Product Details

Pneumatic Line Housing incorporates a series of UHI-50™ MgOe Rare Earth tubes
on staggered centers. This ensures all product fl owing through will make repeated
contact with the magnets. The resulting capture rate of ferrous and weakly magnetic
stainless contaminants far exceeds any other magnetic separator available for this
type of application. Suitable for processing dry, powder, and granular materials.

• SimpleClean™, EZ-Clean & Self-Clean Models available
• Food Grade Finish Standard
• Ideal for dilute-phase pneumatic systems operating up to 15 psi
• Nedox® coated tubes standard (See page 2, "Finishes and Protective Coatings")
• Use ahead of processing equipment and bulk load outs to assure product purity
and protect machinery from tramp metal damag

PLH Magnet Manual Clean
PLH Magnet EZ Clean
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Bullet® Pneumatic Conveyor Line Magnet

IMI also provides magnets to fit your pneumatic conveying line without restricting your product flow.  An aerodynamic cone guides the material in a uniform flow around the outside of the magnetic tube.  This allows for the ferrous material to be pulled from the product line, and held to the magnet until it is removed and disposed.  This magnet features a leak-resistant seal, EZ-Clean Stripper Sleeve, a door-mounted magnet for ease of cleaning, and stainless steel construction.  An optional cart is available to move the magnet to multiple lines, making this an easy to use and economical unit. The Bullet pneumatic Magnet is ideal for dilute phase systems. The Bullet pneumatic magnet is usually used in many solutions, including processing powders, flour, chemical, resin, food stuff, pharmaceutical, and mineral materials.

Th Bullet Pneumatic Line Conveyor Magnet can be installed in pneumatic line systems operating up to 15 psi. The Bullet Pneumatic Line Magnet aids in prolonging the life of filters and screens. The Bullet Pneumatic Line Conveyor Magnets are available in cart mounted models for truck and rail car bulk unloading.

Bullet Pneumatic Conveyor Magnet
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Exposed Pole Tube Magnet

The Exposed Pole Tube Magnet is ideal for the conveying of sluggish material, or when product degradation is a problem. Exposed Pole Tubes are ideal for extracting large tramp metals, such as bolts, nails, and screws. Exposed Pole Tube Magnets are best used for the processing of plastics, foods, feed and grain, or conveying products that have a high moisture content that plugs easily.

The Exposed Pole Tube Magnet is either built into the housing (ceramic magnet) or access door (rare earth magnet).  This allows for the easiest cleaning of each magnet.  Standard pipe-size ends and custom line sizes make it easy to install in any pneumatic line. The Exposed Pole Tubes open flow design is ideal when product degradation is a concern. The Exposed Pole Tube is also offered in cart mounted models, available for truck and rail car bulk unloading.

Exposed Pole Tube Magnet
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Vacuum Line Magnet

The 4JIT magnet will catch ferrous tramp metal in vacuum systems from bins, boxes, hoppers and gaylords.  Metal is pulled from the product line without the material flow being impeded, and protects material from product degradation.  The quick-release clamp opens the unit, and allows the magnet to be wiped clean with either a glove or shop rag. The 4JIT Vacuum Line Magnet provides equipment protection and improved product purity without restricting resin flow. With the 4JIT Vacuum Line Magnet, it is very easy to clean the captured tramp metal by removing the disconnect clamp to separate the two halves.

Vacuum Line Magnet
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