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Plate Magnets

Plate Magnets

CMT offers Plate Magnets that are ideal for angled chute applications, particularly when product degradation is an issue. CMT offers many plate magnets that range in size and design depending on the specific application.

Product Details

Flush Face Plate Magnet

The Flush-Face plate magnet is the most effective in above-the-flow applications.  The magnetic field of the plate magnet pulls tramp metal up and away from the material flow, and holds it until the surface is cleaned.  The Flush Face Plate Magnet is available in Rare Earth and Ceramic models. The Flush Face Plate Magnet is used to lift ferrous metal out of the product flow, in order to protect the dowstream processing equipment and product purity.

Flush Face Plate Magnet
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Exposed Pole Plate Magnet

The Exposed Pole plate magnet is suitable for above or below the product flow.  The two exposed poles on the plate magnet provide extra protection from wash off without affecting the product flow. If you have low volume chute installations with either Ceramic or Rare Earth magnetic circuits, the Exposed Pole Plate Magnet is an ideal solution. The Exposed Pole Plate Magnet is available in Rare Earth and Ceramic models.

Exposed Pole Plate Magnet
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Spout Style Plate Magnet

The Spout style plate magnet is ideal for below-the-flow applications. The Plate Magnet has a diverter that provides maximum tramp metal separation and top of the line wash-off protection. The spout on the plate magnet protects trapped ferrous material from being knocked off the plate magnet by flowing product.  The spout on the plate magnet  also keeps material away from the lower chute edge, lowering product degradation. The Spout Style Plate Magnet is offered in several strengths  in order to meet your requirements.

Spout Style Plate Magnet
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