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Suspended Overhead Magnets

Suspended Over-Head Magnets

Used in “over-the-belt” applications,Suspended Over-Head magnets are used to pull tramp metal from a bed of material.  Two units are used for this application:  Electromagnets and Permanent Magnets.

Electromagnets are generally recommended for belt widths over 4’ or with extremely high bed depths.  These units utilize high current to “energize” the magnet.  The magnet is cleaned by turning it off.

Product Details

Suspended Magnets protect important processing equipment from ferrous metal damage. Suspended magnets also improve the purity and quality for high volume belt conveyed products. The suspended magnet’s deep reaching magnetic circuits provide unrivaled separation capabilities. In order to achieve maximum separation, use prior to a metal detector.

Permanent suspended overhead magnets require no electricity.  Although permanent magnets can be configured for manual cleaning, in most applications, a self-cleaning mechanism is highly recommended.  Cleaning belts automatically move the tramp metal out of the magnetic field, and drop it into a chute or bin, outside the product stream.

Suspended Magnet
Suspended Permanent Magnet

Examine the Differences


The Suspended Electromagnets are engineered to provide top-of-the-line ferrous metal separation performance. If your application requires increased suspension heights for the magnet or have a deep product burden, the suspended electromagnet is an ideal solution due to its deep reaching magnetic field.

Pros of the Suspended Electromagnet

  • The Suspended electromagnet can be turned on and off.  Useful for cleaning the magnet without an additional device (belt, bar, etc.)

Cons of the Suspended Electromagnet

  • The Suspended Electromagnet has Heavier weight
  • Maintenance required- oil level, oil degradation ,coil wear
  • High operating cost (electricity)
  • non-uniform magnetic field across width of conveyor as the coil is round.  Unit must be oversize to work properly.
Manual Clean Over-Head Magnet

Permanent Magnets

Carolina Material Technologies offers two types of Permanent magnets: Self-Cleaning Permanent Magnets, and Manual Clean Permanent Magnets. 

The Self-Cleaning Permanent Magnet offers excellent operating efficiency with a continuous cleaning belt to keep collected metal off the magnet face. The Self-Cleaning Permanent Magnet’s powerful, deep reaching magnetic circuit pulls metal to the face of the magnet, where the cleated belt can remove the metal off the end of the magnet and out of the product flow. If you have portable size reduction equipment, the Self-Cleaning Permanent Magnet is an ideal solution, due to its compact design.   

The Manual Clean Permanent Magnet is a good cost-effective solution if you require a magnet for equipment protection, but do not have enough ferrous metal in the product flow to require a self-cleaning permanent magnet. The Manual Clean Permanent Magnet offers a couple of cleaning options. A swiper bar can be used to clean the magnet, as well as Slide Pull Slider in either Manual Pull or Crank.


  • Lighter weight
  • Less initial cost
  • Almost zero operating cost
  • Magnets lose only ½% of strength over 100 yrs
  • Uniform magnetic field across entire width of Conveyor
  • More flux lines agitate the material allowing for successful tramp removal


  • Auto Cleaning requires a belt or bar around  the magnet
Self-Cleaning Over-Head Magnet
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