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Butterfly Gate Valves

Butterfly Gate Valves

Carolina Material Technologies offers 14 different models of the Butterfly Gate Valve by Bray.  The 14 Butterfly Gate Valves can be placed in 3 main categories: Resilient Seated, Double Offset, and Triple Offset.

Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves (Click here to view PDF Brochure)

Series 20/21

Bray Series 20/21 butterfly gate valve surpasses the high standards required in sanitary valve applications. Bray's Series 20 valve is a wafer version with flange locating holes, and the Series 21 is the companion lug version for dead-end service and other flange requirements.

• Sanitary & Chemical applications
• One-piece disc/stem
• High CV, low pressure drop

Bray 20-21 Butterfly Gate Valve

Series 22/23

Bray Series 22/23 butterfly gate valve is manufactured in a variety of materials such as PTFE, Stainless Steel, UHMWPE and special alloys to meet a wide range of customer requirements.

• Seal Capsule - This seal capsule fully isolates the valve body and stem from the line media.
• Body Seals - These seals eliminate contamination from external environmental conditions and potential leak path from the line media.

Bray 22-23 Butterfly Gate Valve

Series 30/31

Bray series 30/31 butterfly gate valve’s high strength through-stem design allows easy dis-assembly and reduced disc to stem failure.

• Potable Water, Wastewater, Seawater, HVAC
• Primary and Secondary Seals: These seals prevent line media from coming in contact with the stem or body. Primary Seal is achieved by an interference fit of the molded seat flat with the disc hub. Secondary Seal is created because the stem diameter is greater than the diameter of the seat stem hole.

Bray 30-31 Butterfly Gate Valve

Series 31H

Bray Series 31H Lug butterfly gate valves are drilled and tapped to meet ASME Class 125/150 and PN16 flanges. Series 31H Valves will not be automated.

Brayt 31H Butterfly Gate Valve

Series 31U

Bray’s high quality, high pressure resilient-seated Butterfly Gate Valve is designed to meet the requirements of today's industrial/marine markets. This bray valve is specifically designed for onshore and offshore fire protection where the applicable certification is D.O.T. 54 (UK Department of Trade). The series 31U is designed to withstand high line velocities and pressure

Bray 31U Butterfly Gate Valve

Series 3A/3AH

Bray’s Series 3A/3AH Butterfly Gate Valve is a Double Flanged design which can be used for dead-end service. A major design advantage of Bray valve product lines is international compatibility. The same valve is compatible with most world flange standards – ASME Class 125/150, BS 10 Tables D and E, BS 4504 NP 10/16, DIN ND 10/16, AS 2129 and JIS10. In addition, the valves are designed to comply with ISO5752-Table2(EN558Table13)face-to-faceandISO 5211 actuator mounting flanges. Therefore, one valve design can be used in many different world markets.

Bray 3A-3AH Butterfly Gate Valve

Series 32/33 and 35/36

Bray butterfly gate valve series 32/33 and 35/36 have many of the design features and benefits of the smaller Bray valves, such as high Cv ratings, minimum parts exposed to the line media, greater reliability and a proven record of long service life.

•S32/33 - 22" - 36" (550mm - 900mm)
•S35/36 - 22" - 120" (550mm - 3000mm)

Bray 32-33 and 35-36 Butterfly Gate Valve

Series 36H

Bray Series 36H Butterfly Gate Valves are large diameter, double flanged valves that are rated for 232 psi (16 Bar) bidirectional dead end service. These double flanged butterfly valves are drilled and tapped to meet ASME Class 125/150 and PN10 flanges.

•24" - 60" (600mm - 1500mm)

Bray 32-33 and 35-36 Butterfly Gate Valve

Series 35F

Bray Series 35F Large Diameter Butterfly Gate Valves are designed specifically for high chloride services. Bray has carefully selected valve materials and features that optimize performance without sacrificing system efficiency. These butterfly gate valves offer reliability in a light weight design.

Bray 35F Butterfly Gate Valve

Series 39L

Bray Series 39L Butterfly Gate Valves are designed for applications that are highly Abrasive, or where Slurry Control is needed.

Bray 39L Butterfly Gate Valve

Double Offset Butterfly Valves (Click here to view PDF Brochure)

Series 40/41

Bray Series 40/41 Butterfly Gate Valve is a high performance, high pressure, high temperature, zero leakage butterfly valve. The Bray/McCannalok’s innovative design on the Series 40/41 offers incredible reliability and extremely easy maintenance in the field. Independent and internal tests prove Bray/McCannalok’s superior service life capability, with zero-leakage shut-off.

Bray 40-41 Butterfly Gate Valve

Series 40 Cryogenic

Bray Series 40 Cyrogenic Butterfly Gate Valves are designed for applications with Air Separation/Industrial Gases, LNG, and Low Temperature Environments.

•Size Range:  3" - 12" (80mm - 300mm)
•Temperature Range:  320°F to 250°F (-196°C to 121°C)

Bray 40 Cryogenic Butterfly Gate Valve

Series 41R

Bray Series 41R Butterfly Gate Valves are high performance valves specially made for the sugar industry.

•    Steam Valves for Evaporators
•    Evaporator Steam and Escape Valves
•    100% Bi-Directional Bubbletight
•    Size Range:   16" - 54" (400mm - 1400mm)

Bray 41R Butterfly Gate Valve

Triple Offset Butterfly Valves (Click here to view PDF Brochure)

Series Tri Lok

Bray’s Triple Offset Series Tri Lok is a premier isolation valve, well suited for operation in vacuum to high pressure as well as cryogenic to high temperature applications. The standard, non-rubbing, metal-to-metal sealing system is inherently firesafe. Applications requiring absolute zero leakage are ideally suited for triple offset technology. Size Range: 3” – 48” (80mm – 1200mm)

Bray TriLok Butterfly Gate Valve

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